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Men's Leadership Summit 9-11 Aug 2019


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Join the exciting team of men from all across Australia training men to be great men as part of the Dads4Kids Mentoring courses.

The Men’s Leadership Summit weekend is all about helping men achieve extraordinary results for themselves, their families, in the workplace, in the church and in the broader community.  

The world is in desperate need of men who will lead by example with character and integrity. Edwin Louis Cole, one of the greatest leaders in the men’s movement of the 20th Century, said, “You seek the heights of manhood when you seek the depths of God.” 

The Men’s Leadership Summit is all about true change. Jordan Petersen said, “Instead of protesting and trying to change the world, first win the war of evil within yourself. To make the world a better place, first do the things you have to do everyday.” This is challenging.  

TIME: 5.30pm Friday 9 August Ends: 2.30pm Sunday 11 August 2019

Place: 'Grevillea', The Tops Conference Centre, 51 Bendena Gardens, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508. (Grevillea is a right hand turn at the end of Bendena Gardens)

Download PDF of the Men's Leadership Summit here.

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